Hydraulic / 3-phase

Cooling Unit HU13

Is an electric and hydraulic powered unit that is designed to be mounted under the box.

By using the hydraulic operation you makeing considerable environmental savings when the big engine of the truck is much less toxic emissions than the small industry engine. In addition, service and repair costs are half of that of a diesel-powered unit.

The unit is equipped with our control system HUA and can be equipped with Smart Start system.



The unit is powered by a constant hydraulic pump which is mounted directly on the truck engine. The unit thus leaving constant power independent of the engine speed.

The unit can also be connected to the mains. Heating mode by electricity and water heating. 

  • Constant flow hydraulic pump generates full effect at all rpms
  • Fuel savings of up to 60%
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Reduced service costs
  • Mounted under the box
  • Standby mode (3-phase)
  • HUA control system


Model Refrigeration capacity* Standby Standard-
Extra heat Multi-
  Boxtemp 0° C Boxtemp -20° C Boxtemp 0° C Boxtemp -20° C   Water    
HU13F 7 500 W 4 280 W 7 500 W 4 280 W Yes No Option 390 kg
HU13FV 7 500 W 4 280 W 7 500 W 4 280 W Yes Yes Option 390 kg

* Refrigeration capacity specified at 30°C ambient temperature and powered by hydraulic or 3 phase.